The annual Malaga Jazz Festival, a significant autumn event in Malaga, gathers talented musicians and vocalists at
the Cervantes Theatre stage. The forthcoming edition marks the 37th year of this celebration.      


  • On Monday, November 6th, saxophonist Joe Lovano and guitarist Jakob Bro will perform in the opening concert,
    forming a sextet to honor drummer and composer Paul Motian. Joe Lovano will also be awarded the Malagajazz Prize in recognition of his saxophone prowess.
  • Tuesday, November 7th features Maria Schneider and the Classijazz Big Band. Schneider, renowned as one of the world’s top big band composers, will lead an orchestra featuring some of Spain’s finest musicians.
  • On Wednesday, November 8th, the Ron Carter Foursight will unite Ron Carter on double-bass, Renee Rosnes on piano, Jimmy Greene on tenor saxophone, and Payton Crossley on drums. Carter, a highly esteemed jazz musician, will showcase his expertise during this performance.
  • Thursday, November 9th presents Andrea Motis and Marco Mezquida, regulars on the Cervantes Theatre stage and among Spain’s leading jazz musicians. Motis, a vocalist and alto saxophonist, joins forces with pianist Mezquida.
  • Friday, November 10th highlights the Shai Maestro Quartet, led by Maestro on piano, with Philip Dizack on trumpet, Joe Martin on double-bass, and Ofri Nehemya on drums.
  • Saturday, November 11th features jazz singer Youn Sun Nah, accompanied by pianist Benjamin Moussay. Sun Nah, known for her captivating vocals, will perform new songs with Moussay, recognized as one of France’s top pianists.
  • Sunday, November 12th showcases Paquito D’Rivera in a concert titled “10 years without Bebo,” paying
    tribute to the legendary Bebo Valdés and featuring some of Valdés’ most famous jazz compositions.
  • The Malaga Jazz Festival concludes on Monday, November 13th with a performance by Mulatu Astatke, a renowned musician and composer who pioneered ‘ethio-jazz.’ He will present this unique blend
    of jazz, soul-funk, traditional Ethiopian music, and African funk with his band.

01 Festival Jazz 6 Al 13 Nov


Fuengirola will celebrate its VI Half Marathon on November 12th. The event is certified by the Spanish Athletics Federation, and registration will open on May 14th through the website This information was provided by the Sports Councillor, María Hernández, who also announced that this year, as a new addition, a 5-kilometer race will be organized to run concurrently. 

“We are launching the 2023 Half Marathon, which will take place on November 12th this year. It’s a great date because it’s a race that many athletes who participate in various similar races in our
region take part in, and we have chosen to schedule it during the cooler months, just before the Half Marathon and the Málaga Marathon,” said the councilor, emphasizing that “this year, in addition to the Half Marathon, we will also have a 5-kilometer race for those who are not up for the 21 kilometers of the Half Marathon.


Michael Legend, a tribute to Michael Jackson, is a musical show considered the best dedicated to the King of Pop. It’s a performance where we can enjoy the world’s best Michael Jackson impersonator alongside an excellent musical ensemble, a talented team of dancers, backing vocalists, and guest artists. It’s a show for all audiences that offers his most well-known repertoire, including the most iconic compositions of his career.


Michael Legend made its debut in September 2009, becoming the first show of its kind in Spain. This year marks the 15th season of this artistic project, which has been witnessed by over a million people during these 15 years. In the past eight seasons, Michael Legend, with Ben Jackson, has achieved significant success, with several sold-out performances in cities like Valencia (Palau de les Arts), Valladolid (Miguel Delibes), Vigo (Mar de Vigo), Logroño (Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones), A Coruña (Palacio de la Ópera), Zaragoza (Palacio de Congresos), among many other cities throughout the country. Michael Legend has also graced the GRAN VIA in Madrid for a month and a half, receiving great acclaim from the audience and the media.


A lyrical music event featuring the Ntra. Sra. de la Encarnación Choir and tenor Frank Camelot. Additionally, there will be performances by both classical and modern Flamenco dance academies. And there will also be a surprise in store for the audience’s enjoyment.


A new edition of the ‘Fuengirola Comic-Con will take place at the ‘Recinto Ferial’ de Fuengirola. One of the biggest
conventions of this kind in Spain there will be all kinds of activities such as cosplay, photocalls and K-pop.


Every year, the number of Valery Meladze’s fans grows, thanks to his unique voice and brilliant charisma. Everything in his work is like in life: passion and romance, tenderness and drama, joy and the pain of loss. For almost thirty years, he has enjoyed the constant attention and affection of the audience. Each of his songs is a whole story: “How beautiful you are today,” “Sera,” “I can’t live without you,” “No more attraction,” “Foreigner,” “Tequila Love,” “Contrary,” “Sky.”


Few musicians can maintain the audience’s attention and love for such a long time and with such steadfastness, but Valery has an astonishing personal magnetism. Along with his older brother, Konstantin, the author of all his songs, they have created a unique direction in modern Russian popular music. And this is the music of Meladze, which you can immerse yourself in during concerts starting from November 2023 as part of a concert tour across Europe.


For the first time in Málaga, this is a very special concert featuring local band 2YY2, paying tribute to the iconic Canadian trio Rush, widely regarded as the pioneers and foremost leaders of contemporary progressive hard rock. This concert offers a  one-of-a-kind opportunity that no fan of Rush or Rock music, in general, should miss.


Rush is considered one of the most influential and successful rock bands in history. They have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and have a dedicated fanbase. Their style of music, which combines progressive rock, hard rock and heavy metal, has been widely recognized as innovative and groundbreaking. They have been cited as an inspiration for many other rock bands and musicians.


Málaga will host the Final 8 of the Davis Cup Final 2023. The Davis Cup, a time-honored men’s tennis team competition, is renowned as the most ancient and prestigious of its kind, held on an annual basis in the latter part of the year. In 1900, the inaugural official Davis Cup contest took place at the Longwood Cricket Club in Boston, Massachusetts, where the United States faced off against Great Britain, and the home team emerged as the victor. Originally dubbed the International Lawn Tennis Challenge, it was subsequently renamed in recognition of Dwight Davis, the American player who originated the idea.


We invite you to a unique event where you can listen to the songs of the legendary band Metallica performed by Scream Inc., accompanied by a symphony orchestra. The band will present symphonic
versions of the songs immortalized in the 1999 S&M album. SCREAM INC., known as one of the best Metallica tribute bands in the world. Since the beginning of their activity, the band has performed over 1,000 concerts in countries such as Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, the
Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Poland, and Ukraine, with sold-out performances.


Get ready to experience all the magic like you’ve never experienced it before through the enchanting melodies and iconic themes from the Harry Potter movies. All of this will come to life in a stunning symphonic performance.

We’re thrilled to announce the upcoming “Harry Potter Music” concert performed by a world-class symphony orchestra, taking place on December 3rd at FYCMA, Málaga. We promise it will be a night you’ll never forget!

Imagine this: Relive the excitement of hearing that iconic music from your favorite scenes, performed by a symphony orchestra that transports you to the magical world, allowing you to relive the magic of Harry Potter in a completely new way.


This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the enchanting music that has captured hearts all around the world. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply love beautiful music, this concert is not to be missed.



Pure enjoyment for fans of the movie and musical success!

Alongside sisters Elsa and Anna and their friends, the audience will immerse themselves in a musical journey full of adventures with the stars of this new ice musical show!

With an impressive stage setup, this new ice musical show will provide an unforgettable performance that combines ice dancing and circus art. This stunning show will give the audience a magical adventure in the world of fairy tales.


The most well-known songs from the world’s most successful animated films, Frozen 1 and Frozen 2, will finally come to European stages. What’s more, they will do so in a spectacular way: as an ice show!



The magic of Christmas has arrived at the theaters, and you can’t miss this magical and humor-filled show for the whole family! Magician Nebek has prepared a unique experience that will surprise and delight your audience. It’s the perfect show for the holidays!

This show promises to be an unforgettable experience for everyone.


What can you expect from the show? Much more than magic tricks! Magician Nebek will take you on a magical journey through Christmas, with the special participation of Santa Claus and a Christmas elf. You will witness the most incredible magic tricks and experience the excitement of Christmas like never before.



In the guise of a children’s story – where dolls spring to life on Christmas Eve and whisk a young girl away on enchanting adventures – The Nutcracker explores the yearning for lost innocence and the collision between the harsh realities of adulthood and the dreamlike realm of childhood.

In 2017, the renowned soloist of the Kiev Opera Theatre, Viktor Ishchuk, established a stable ensemble featuring Ukraine’s most exceptional talents, aiming to showcase the artistry, skill, and professionalism of Ukrainian artists to a global audience.

The Kiev Ballet is dedicated to upholding traditions and the essence of classical ballet in its purest form. Each performance is a sensory delight characterized by the simplicity of the choreography, the precision of its movements, the virtuosity of its lead dancers, and the opulence and splendor of its stage designs and costumes.


Following the resounding success of their inaugural tour of Spain in 2022, the Kiev Ballet is returning to Spain’s most prestigious venues with a fresh production of The Nutcracker.



Sultan of Swings is an exciting and talented tribute group that pays homage to the legendary British band Dire Straits. With an incredible ability to capture the musical essence and spirit of the iconic ensemble led by Mark Knopfler, Sultan of Swings offers a unique and thrilling experience for music fans of all ages.


Comprised of a passionate and highly experienced group of musicians, Sultan of Swings has dedicated countless hours to rehearsals and study to perfect every musical and stage detail of their performance. From the distinctive guitar riffs to the characteristic vocal arrangements, the band faithfully recreates the magic and energy of Dire Straits’ concerts, transporting the audience to an authentic nostalgic experience. With a carefully curated selection of Dire Straits’ most iconic hits, Sultan of Swings invites the audience to relive timeless classics such as “Sultans of Swing,” “Money for Nothing,” “Brothers in Arms,” and many others. Each performance is a journey back in time, where familiar chords and evocative lyrics blend to awaken memories and emotions.